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Nurse cheap DiscussionThe or communication the operating room is used for the coordination of activities. Information collected, treated and represented on the Board of Directors, exposure of the general population. The Council would then become a communication device to be able to coordinate with all staff, related to surgical patients to their activities. However, the fixed position of the Council limited the ability of employees to access and interact with the device. Therefore, the nurse, collector and author of coordinating the details of the brand is. Sometimes this interferes with the ability of nurses, to coordinate their activities and keep on public display. Implementation electronic slate, via Internet or intranet screen, would one nurse or other coordination activities increase the ability of employees to access and update your card. An electronic representation of the specified hospital plans slate would be reduced the need for telephone communication with the nurses on the floor. Coordination of the preparation of the patient now is 88% of calls between the floor nurses and 12% of all communications with surgeons and nurses. Usually it is to determine whether the patient is ready, or or or is ready for the patient. Preparation of the patient most of this communication could be proven an eCard, locations, eliminating easily. Planning and rescheduling the surgery are different categories, which can be reduced with the implementation of an electronic card. These categories of communication have 78% of the nurse are free of charge with surgeons. This allows that surgeons update Tablet PC directly through a planning system would significantly reduce surgery the nurse. In addition the surgeons also equipment and programming may indicate need for surgery. Coordination of staff is usually face to face (76%) and nurses (76%) Gold. But we keep in mind that it was usually nurse communication or talking about the location of the surgical cases and to your room assignment. Once again slate scattered about electronic display helps to reduce this communication. As mentioned, most of the communication was in the face of (67 percent), but the observation showed that this communication in life was launched when staff came to see slate. The fixed nature of the Board of Directors requires the employees from any telephone or visit the Board of Directors, to make changes to the programming, to apply for personnel or equipment. Simply visit Council is that it a global status or personal appearance can be displayed. Wide electronic representation of the staff of the slate should indicate the State or without interrupting the activities coordination of nurse. Another strategy to errors of the activities of nurses, to minimize the coordination would be the implementation of an asynchronous messaging system. Most of the episodes of communication (76%) were 30 to 60 seconds. These incidents were usually short communication Rafagas information exchanged by them an e-Mail System. But surgical nurse must note due to the unpredictability of the workload in a trauma still the seal of the State or electronic alerts Center. Changes in the programming or equipment needs can be given nurses and require a confirmation before the update gold card. This could reduce to meet the need for nurses near the border and coordinate changes in workload. Although this discussion proposed technological solutions to reduce the communication, you can be implemented learn more, about the kind of communication to these proposals. the big fix movie download For example, requires coordinating activities in the theatre of action. Or and hospital staff to negotiate, timetables and surgical nurse staff. In the absence of an intimate relationship, face-to-face communication is to face of the highest and the cooperation between the participants. This medium could delete 7 rather than increase the effectiveness of the coordination of gold decrease. In addition, this interrupt-driven environment relieves the immediate recognition of a psychological message that enables the rapid completion of the task. This is especially true in this environment, where the consequences of communication errors can be important; Employees need the explicit recognition that a message has been received. This is currently done through synchronous communication. Finally, more research is needed on the amount and type of information, which began another goal during episodes of communication. We observed that this information frequently in the form of 'Healing' or information about upcoming events. Knowledge of upcoming events makes it easier to improve the planning and overall coordination. .